Repossession Management SoftwareThere are times when taking legal steps with your debtor may be necessary to motivate them to cooperate. EZ-Legal is a range of legal demand services available through a nationwide network of legal representatives to forward demand letters (LOD) or a writ of Replevin. Legal representatives will research and file paperwork in the appropriate jurisdiction in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If assets have been sold, damaged or destroyed, we will assist in collecting the maximum monetary damages.


  • Service available in all 50 States
  • Flat fee structure
  • All actions and communications are tracked in the platform
  • Ability to use our repossession contractors to pick up collateral


  • 35% successful response from a demand letter
  • Control and visibility into every case at any time
  • Many Replevin rates include a deficiency judgment against the debtor for balance