Automated Notice Services at Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems

EZ-Letter is a service which provides lenders with largest online database of complaint electronic forms (notice of sale) and is integrated directly into the IBEAM platform. These automated notices can be populated with data that is collected within the IBEAM platform, removing the possibility of error. The electronic process streamlines letter creation and delivery, reducing time and assuring compliance with governing state and federal laws. We provide a completely closed loop service by printing the letters and sending them via certified post the same day. Proof of delivery is verified and signature green cards are captured electronically within the platform. We have engaged Hudson Cook, LLP, a firm whose services cover virtually all aspects of state and federal consumer financial services and privacy law, as an adviser.


  • Compliant Notices
  • Automates mailing and tracking
  • All activity captured in centralized platform (IBEAM)


  • Meets compliance requirements
  • Control and visibility into every case at any time
  • Updates to notice templates is ongoing