Field Services at Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems

EZ-Inspection is a nationwide door knock and field inspection service in which a field agent will attempt to make contact with a debtor, and/or confirm asset location is valid. Utilizing door knocks is a cost effective way for lenders to communicate with debtors, when phone call, emails and mail are ineffective. The agents are given strict instructions in order to remain compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). We are very careful in selecting agents for this service that understand the basic, yet critical, concepts of professionalism and respect so that debtors retain their dignity through the loss mitigation process. In many cases, we have successfully used this face to face interaction to cure a non-performing asset. This service is entirely managed through the IBEAM platform with all communications and reports captured for review and audit.


  • Door knock contact with the debtor
  • Electronic capture detailing asset condition
  • National services footprint


  • Get contact with the Debtor
  • Support warranty requirements
  • Provides repair estimates
  • Determine asset condition before repossession