Electronic Invoicing Services at Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems

EZ-Payment removes all of the paper billing out of the repossession process and is included with the IBEAM platform. Instead of getting invoices via mail, email or fax, or sometimes all three, from numerous service providers, lenders are presented with one electronic invoice. We take care of paying service providers and reconcile all charges into one invoice. Lenders receive, approve and pay the invoice by going through the payment workflow in the IBEAM platform. There are no hidden charges, ensuring agents are paid on time based upon the contracted fee structure. Agents have full visibility to the payment workflow, so they can track payments without having to contact lenders.


  • Intuitive invoice workflow
  • Audit trail for all approvals and payments
  • Contract price is audited by I-BEAM software
  • Agents always know where their payment is in the process


  • Reduces emails, faxes and calls from agents
  • Agents are paid on time
  • Lowers cost to process the invoices
  • Eliminates duplicate payments