Repossession Management Services at Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems

EZ-Recovery makes collecting any asset easy by automating repossession management using the IBEAM web platform. Assets can be imported into IBEAM directly from a collection system. The software assigns cases based on zip code or lender preference to a network of repossession agents throughout North America. IBEAM enables lenders and agents to communicate directly with each other by asking questions and sharing status updates in real-time, thereby enabling lenders to have visibility and control throughout the repossession process. There are no hidden costs, all agents must contractually abide with our published pricing. The software tracks agents’ performance across multiple metrics. These metrics are dynamically captured so that lenders are always getting top performers matched to their case load.


  • Pay as you go (on a per case basis)
  • Electronic invoicing/payment processing of agents
  • Ensures agents are compliant and meet all certifications
  • Captures agent performance metrics in real-time
  • Robust reporting provides audit trail, analytics and multi-year historical data


  • Reduces resource requirements for lenders
  • Enables control and visibility into every case at any time
  • Scales to thousands of concurrent cases
  • Identifies trends in agent behavior and top performers
  • Analyze portfolio performance and costs by zip code
  • Helps defend against litigation