Audit & Reporting Services at Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems

EZ-Audit is a service that provides one click access to service provider performance reports. This service is directly integrated with the IBEAM platform, providing online reports that capture, measure and analyze all costs and metrics related to repossession and remarketing. The system stores multiple years of historical data making audits easy. There are a variety of reports and charts using data from the IBEAM platform. Real-time data reports include; cases loaded, case repossessed, closed positive, closed negative, cases sold, % floor, % book, sale price, and costs to date.


  • Custom and standard report templates
  • Deep analytics allow for easy “what if” scenarios
  • Identify trends in agent behavior
  • User defined timeline and metrics


  • Supplier management report identifies top performers
  • Audit trail and historical data to defend against litigation
  • Portfolio analytics by geography
  • Compare performance and costs by zip code